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Luke is available to capture your next special moment, whether it's a graduation ball, wedding or birthday. Luke specialises in documentary style event photography, think 'fly on the wall' and 'capture it as it happens'. He is also available for environmental portraits and corporate portraits, with mobile studio equipment.

Please get in touch with Luke, he would love to chat to you about your requirements in order to put together a competitive quote.

Candeece&Kelly-20 - Candeece & Kelly May 2019
Garry & Peter-5 - Garry & Peter's Wedding 9th February 2019
Greg-12 - Greg Peterson 8 Sep 2019
Candeece&Kelly-2 - Candeece & Kelly May 2019
MDS-98 - Melbourne Dental School Graduation Ball  2018
Candeece&Kelly-52 - Candeece & Kelly May 2019
Garry&Peter-36 - Garry & Peter's Wedding 9th February 2019
SvetlanaFinal-9121071 - OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Candeece&Kelly-65 - Candeece & Kelly May 2019