Luke is a photographer who focusses on travel and landscape photography. In a very short time he has gained significant recognition in a number of Australian and international competitions.

He has exhibited his work in a number of exhibitions and loves nothing more than telling the stories behind his beautiful images.

Luke has produced commissioned works, photographed weddings, portraits and events. Please get in touch to discuss any of your requirements.

Holding a certificate of Professional Photography from the prestigious Photography Studies College in Melbourne, Luke is also completing further studies in photography.

Where did it begin?

A compulsive traveller, he happily spent years shooting thousands of holiday snaps. That changed one day in 2014 when he picked up a real camera. With a kit lens, and set to auto, sharp foregrounds and blurry backgrounds began to appear.

His pulse began to race ...

Luke started to read every blog and watch every video he could find. Esoteric terms like golden spirals and ISO began to make sense. Hours of weekend practice started to yield results.

It was slowly starting to come together…

In 2016 on a trip to Japan, it happened. Capturing such a beautiful, serene country, he started to get a funny feeling in his stomach. Some of those shots were actually ok.

It was true love…

Luke began to travel the world with camera in hand. He started to visit new parts of his own country. He won some awards. He began to think it was perfectly sane to wake up at 4am in foreign countries to get to the perfect position for sunrise shots!

Now it’s for life…

Luke now lives for the days when he can travel to another country or local spot, find the perfect scene and get that buzz in the pit of his stomach when he knows he’s captured something special.

Luke brings this sense of discovery to all of his shoots, where he applies his background in travel and landscapes to weddings, portraits and events.

He is an entry level teacher (monitor) with Ginga Mundo in the brazilian martial art of Capoeira, and performs in the Melbourne Rainbow Band, Australia's LGBT concert band.